Director, MA+A

Morris Acciarito has been responsible for the design, manufacture & project management of many residential interior joinery projects, ranging from small kitchen and bathroom renovations through to complete refurbishments of multi million dollar luxury homes and apartments in some of Melbourne’s most prestigious suburbs.

With more than 29 years experience in the industry, his passion, attention to detail and commitment to quality is what sets him apart from other companies.

Morris has also worked extensively with various European boutique kitchen and wardrobe design and manufacture firms. Having worked with these companies and being exposed to Italian and German levels of quality in design and manufacture, long before they are seen abroad, has been an integral part of our success and is also part of what we are able to offer our clients.

About us

At MA+A our goal is to provide the finest product available through one seamless process.
The process begins with a vision. That vision is transformed into reality through our experience, concepts and ideas and ultimately managing those factors.
We know how important it is to listen to our clients’ goals and to propose a practical – and affordable – design that will make their vision a reality.
Since we build & install our own designs, we also know the importance of consistency in service, level of design and quality of the end product.

Design Philosophy

Well thought-out, creative planning, design & quality manufacture is the foundation of our business. It ultimately determines the success of any project, be it a new kitchen,
a renovated bathroom or a complete home refurbishment. We are experienced in tackling problems and laying out solutions – explaining what works and why, and
translating ideas into detailed plans, leading this process through to manufacture. Once the project begins, we oversee the entire project ensuring our ideas are executed according to your expectations.

Contact us

Whether it is a small or large project, we would be happy to share our advice on how to make it a successful project. Please contact us for a no obligation consultation.